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Psalm 91 - Wrapped in Protection

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

This jacket is made out of a waterproof thick canvas I got secondhand for free. I believe it was an outdoor upholstery fabric. The pattern is from Mood Fabrics and can be found for free here. The pattern is essentially a classic jean jacket shape.

I made this jacket using almost entirely flat-felled seams, something I hadn't used extensively before. It was a definite challenge, but I'm pleased with the results. I would recommend using a heavy-duty needle, as I broke a couple all-purpose needles in this project. Since the materials was so thick, lined areas like the collar and hem were lined with a lightweight cotton in a similar color.

I made this jacket as part of an ongoing experiment into outerwear. After a while of wearing it, I can say that it does its job admirably. It's especially good for protecting against the wind. The weave is so tight that no cold can get through.

Protection is a topic we find often in the Bible. God likes to use protection to illustrate the representation of His covenant. Those who are under His covenant are covered in His protection. Those who scorn His covenant or attack those under it receive their curses back onto themselves (Genesis 12:3).

Arguably the best protection passage in the Scriptures is Psalm 91. My mother likes to say, "If you're in trouble, call 911: call on God using Psalm 91:1." The entire psalm follows the idea of the protection we have from God.

The first section details the extent of this protection. He is our refuge and fortress, armor and shield, dwelling and refuge (v. 2; 4; 9). God protects us not just physically from the elements or from disease, but from the attacks of our enemies against our minds. God's care for those under His covenant is so absolute that He sets angels to guard us against tripping against a stone (v. 12). Make no mistake, the psalm explains, He provides extensive protection for His people.

The second section of the psalm is God speaking directly to us. God explains that this protection is a result of our devotion to Him, because we know His name (v. 14). God honors our service to Him. He recognizes those under His covenant and protects them. When we need help, He answers us. When we are in trouble, He rescues us. The last verse is quite auspicious:

"With long life will I satisfy him and show him My salvation.” (Psalm 91:16 TLV)

Those in the know will be aware of the meanings behind that word, "salvation." Jesus's name in Hebrew, Yeshua, means "salvation." Even here we see the foundations being set for the New Covenant. It's quite the messianic psalm. Just as God covers us with His pinions from evil attacking us on earth, Jesus covers us in the New Covenant from the evil attacking us in the heavenly realms.

My mother loves this psalm, with due cause. She is so fond of the idea of being wrapped in God's protection that she got this verse printed onto a blanket so she can literally be wrapped in God's word. Wrapped in the blanket, a representation of the promises of God's protection, she feels safe from the harsh attacks of the enemy. It's quite similar, in fact, to the feeling that I get when I wrap myself in my new jacket, safe from the harsh winds of winter.

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