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Image by Héctor J. Rivas
Image by Annie Spratt


It is Jessica's belief that women have a duty to bettering their homes, their communities, and their country in living for Christ. This belief has guided her into serving in local and national politics while being the CEO of her own finance company, Desert Bloom Investments, LLC. She homesteads in semi-rural southern New Hampshire and heads Sew for Christ, a messianic lifestyle blog.

Jessica holds several impressive credentials both in the secular and religious communities she serves. She earned two Masters degree before she turned 20 years old, in Cybersecurity and Business Administration, and completed a Bachelors in Information Technology.

She enjoys learning new skills, speaking new languages, playing classical and jazz music on her piano, and traveling.

Jessica is a part of Joyful Love Unlimited, an online ministry that helps start and support online congregations.

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