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Isaiah 43:2 - Safe in the Snowstorm

Coat Lining

This coat is made from Mood Fabric's Zinnia Jacket pattern. I shortened it to just under my knee and added a lining. The outside is a simple black cotton. The lining fabric is flannel puppies. The trim on the lapels, collar, and hem is crocheted lace trim from the Dollar Tree.

I made this coat for an express purpose. I chose the pattern for the flare of the skirt portion. I wanted to use this coat for when I go on long walks in the winter. The length and fullness means that it closes and stays closed around my knees but I still have mobility to walk.

The lining is actually quilted with poly batting, meaning that the coat is three layers: cotton, batting, and flannel. This makes it incredibly warm. Even with harsh winter winds, I'm still warm when wearing this jacket. The wind and the cold don't touch me.

Coat Front

This is a familiar concept in the Bible. The promise of protection is often expressed by G-d to His people. For example, in Isaiah:

"When you pass through the waters,

I will be with you,

or through the rivers,

they will not overflow you.

When you walk through the fire,

you will not be burned,

nor will the flame burn you." (Isaiah 42:2 TLV)

Now, Israel doesn't often have very cold temperatures. Dry and hot weather is far more of a concern. The oceans and rivers surrounding it can pose a threat when not in a drought. If there was a New England parody of this verse, it'd be something like:

When you pass through wind storms, I will be with you, or through whiteouts, they will not bury you. When you drive through the black ice, you will not skid, nor will your brakes lock up.

Different climates have different challenges. In the plains, G-d protects His chosen people from tornadoes; in the south, from hurricanes. His promise of protection is complete, it's not contained by the express vignette painted. Verse 3 of the same chapter illustrates the concept a bit wider, that G-d is our savior. His love for us is a father's love, for our safety, He would give anything (v. 4-6).

The passage doesn't expressly mention snowstorms. But He will protect me through whatever I pass through. Consider, perhaps, that the same kind of protection from rivers and fires means safety from snowstorms, what else does this parental protection entail? What if the rivers are naysayers against you, discouraging you, forcibly flooding you with despair? What if the flames are the attacks of the enemy against you, seeking to burn your flesh and disable you from your path?

Just as G-d protects from the river, flames, wind, snow, He keeps us safe from emotional attacks as well. When we walk through water and don't get wet, when we walk through flames and don't burn, when we walk through wintry paths and don't get cold, it's His hand keeping us, His children, safe. When people slander and attack us, but our reputation is intact; when everyone is hounding and criticizing us, but we still walk in abundance. He protects us physically, mentally, and emotionally, wrapping us tightly in a quilted embrace.

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