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Go Down, Moses - Louis Armstrong

The lyrics of this classic are another example of the parallels between Jewish and African American history. Another example can be found in Come Sunday, and other jazz spirituals.

The song recounts when G-d appeared to Moses in the burning bush to send him to Egypt (Exodus 3:10). Adonai gives Moses the words to say to Pharoah: "let my people go," (v. 18). The lyrics continue to include part of the Passover story, notably the plague of the first born.

Passover is coming up soon. After Purim in early March, we start with Passover cleaning. It's a time to rid ourselves of afflictions and enter into a new freedom. We clean our houses from top to bottom, not even letting the smallest crumb escape our notice. It's the best time to say to your afflictions and troubles, "let my people go!" You only have to ask G-d, and He will aid you with His wonders in removing you from affliction.

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